Comet Antennas M-24M



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This item is discontinued. Please see ZCM-MA-721.

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Customer Reviews

Good antenna but the magnet is the weak link
Review by David
The antenna works fine. I have it installed on the metal roof of a steel building...seemed like a good idea. A good wind will blow it over so I would prefer a stronger magnet. The magnet separated from the antenna during the last storm. I agree with George's review.
Good Magnetic Antenna
Review by George
It has performed really ever Magnet has to have better glue, it separated from base...I used crazy glue and it has been working for 4 years ..not other issue
Great Antenna
Review by Lisa
Mounted in the center roof of my Ram 1500, SWR reads below 2 for U&V.
Freeway speeds of 80MPH and it stays put just fine.
Review by Joseph
magnet needs to be stronger

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