Explorer QRZ-1 Speaker Microphone



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I would cost more to return this DOA item then to just throw it in the garbage.
Review by NOT happy.
It is super small, super light duty, and mine arrived Dead-On-Arrival. The solution for replacement is to put it back in the original ziplock bag packaging, (DON'T MARK ON IT!) put the ziplock in the original outside box, mine contained a radio, 2 batteries, and other items so the box would grossly oversized), then pay to ship it back with insurance and provide a tracking number to Gigaparts via email. Why are they so adamant to not mark on the ziplock packaging? Are they going to sell it to somebody else?

After paying for shipping to return it I would be lucky to break even. I guess I'll just keep it and write this review. BUYER BEWARE! One thing to know if you see this review, is that they allow customers to tell it like it is. I will be thinking long and hard before purchasing anything here. If a small item like this gets this kind of support, how would an ICOM 7300 be handled? Just food for thought.

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