GigaParts Mast Finial Topper Antenna Mount , 161-00-0



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Exactly what is shown
Review by Matt
I am not sure about the other reviews because what I received was the item in the image minus the nut at the bottom and whatever bolt it is on.

This is not an incredibly durable thing but it is also not supposed to be for permanent installations. If you don't have a 3D printer and need a solution along these lines, this is a great option. If you do, then just make it yourself.

Does its job, don't expect more out of it than what it offers
Broke first day
Review by Craig
Its cheap plastic. Can't withstand much pressure. It broke the first day.

I am using one of the pieces to plug the top of my 50 ft carbon mast. That seems to be the best use of this thing.
Different Than Shown
Review by Max
I ordered two of these and what I received is nothing like the one shown but had the same product number. The ones I received are useless. I didn't notice at first because I didn't try to use it until a month after I bought it. Might still try to return them after I receive my refund on another expensive product that I returned a month ago.

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