GigaParts Mast Finial Topper Antenna Mount , 161-00-0

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GigaParts Mast Finial Antenna Mount


Come and grab the "Top Hat" for your mast and make getting on the air quick and easy!

A ubiquitous 5/8" diameter allows this Top Hat to slip into the top of your mast effortlessly.  

Note the two ports that allow for easy hanging of end-fed antennas or inverted Vees or the sloper of your choice!

Also, note the 3/4" diameter circle that easily accommodates bulkhead mounts and other mounting kits.  Find our selection of Shark Hamsticks here!

This Top Hat simply goes where you go, and shows what you know! 

For some extra fun, use some of the related accessories below, the K2-4A 3/8x24 mount and either the 2' or 4' flagstick to mount the Red Strobe Light Topper so that your station stands out no matter where you have your station set up!

Get that antenna up where eagles dare!


Special Note:

We chose the diameter of this finial based on specific measurements, and we chose a “drop-in” insertion rather than a “squeeze-in” insertion. 

Four Reasons Why We Chose Gravity as the Nexus:

First, if it is being used to hoist up a wire antenna of any sort, then the downward pull will keep the finial in place.

Second, if it is being used to erect a vertical (hamstick, UHF/VHF) antenna, then the weight of the antenna, plus the coax, will keep the finial in place.

Third, if the wind is pulling the finial out of the top of your mast, you have much bigger problems than the finial not staying put!

Fourth, the finial is not meant to be left in place in transit; its design is such that gravity will hold it in place when oriented vertically.

  • Weight limit: 10lbs
  • Material: Glass-filled polypropylene
  • Make: Injection mold
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 3/4"
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