Heil Sound GMElite

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The new Gold Elite microphone is designed and crafted specifically for amateur radio communications. It contains two distinctly different high performance dynamic elements that are available at the flip of a switch to meet the different types of communications.The WIDE position has the HEIL Elite full range element producing smooth articulate 60Hz – 16 kHz audio with the traditional Heil +4 dB peak centered at 2 kHz. This gives the new Gold Elite excellent voice articulation along with its ‘big bottom’ low end that is so important for producing a well balanced, studio quality SSB signal.The NARROW position features the HC-5.1 dynamic element producing a smooth response of 200Hz - 8 kHz. The HC-5.1 element is designed to respond to those older rigs as well as today’s transceivers with onboard DSP EQ. The HC-5.1 produces full range broadcast audio as well as the tailored DX/Contest audio by simply adjusting your EQ. New mic technology to meet today’s new DSP technology.The ‘soft touch’ PTT switch is wired to pins 3 and 4 for transmit control. The microphone audio is fed to pins 1 (shield) and 2 of the four pin XLR. The Gold Elite uses the HEIL CC-1 Connecting Cables.The Gold Elite microphone comes to you with a foam windscreen and a 5/8”-27 microphone clip that is designed for our booms and desk stands.
Gold Elite
Output Connection
4 pin XLR
Frequency Response GM Elite wide
50Hz - 16kHz @ -55 dB
Frequency Response GM Elite narrow
200Hz - 8 kHz @ -58 db
Frequency Response GM Vintage
50 Hz - 16 kHz @ -55 dB
Copper wound, mylar
Impedance GM Elite Wide
1000 ohm
Impedance GM Elite Narrow
600 ohm
Impedance GM Vintage
30,000 ohm
Polar Pattern
Generating Element
dynamic, moving coil
satin black
Net Weight
14 oz
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