Hy-Gain Vertical, 80-10M, Base Loaded, 18Ft - AV-18VS

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Hy-Gain Vertical, 80-10M, Base Loaded, 18Ft - AV-18VS

The Hy-Gain Model 18V-S is a trapless, vertical antenna which is manually tuned to any band, 10 thru 80 meters, by a simple adjustment of the feed point on the base inductor. It is designed to be fed with 50 ohm coax, and works efficiently for DX or local contacts. It now features stainless steel hardware for all electrical and most mechanical connections. The antenna is self-supporting and can survive winds in excess of 80 mph. It is highly portable and knocks down to an overall length of 5 feet.


  • Coverage:10, 15, 20, 40, 80m
  • Max Power:1500 Watts PEP
  • Input Connector: #10 Ring Terminal
  • Height:18 feet
  • Weight:4 pounds
  • Wind Survival:80 MPH
  • Mast Size: 1.5 in - 1.625 in. OD



The 18 foot AV-18VS radiator has a loading coil at its base that allows precision antenna resonating. The AV-18VS may be installed on a short 1-5/8 inch diameter mast driven into the ground. It is also ideal for shortwave listening.

AV-18VS Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Bands 10, 15, 20, 40, and 80 Meters
Max Power 1500 Watts PEP
Mechanical Specifications
Height 18 feet
Weight 4 pounds
Wind Survival 80 MPH
Recommended Mast Size 1.5 in - 1.625 in. OD
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