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Hy-Gain 14 Element 2M With Beta Match Accepts 2 Mast 13.0 - VB-214FM



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Good antenna fo the money
Review by Mike
Antenna works great and is very afordable. I made local contacts 100 miles away with it.
Not a bad antenna
Review by Dennis
A little on the cheap side but seems to perform well. You can also order an adapter that will allow you to connect to the antenna directly with a PL-259 instead of just crimping the coax under the washers at the feed point, makes for a much cleaner installation.
Wouldn't reconmend unless you are on a budget.
Review by Bill
Antenna works well but is really cheaply made...The center clamps are flimsy and need to be beefed up....And hooking up the feed is a pain because it does not use a threaded connector. It uses small terminals crimped unto your coax.

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