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Hy-Gain VB64DX 4 Element 6M Beam Construction Design Yagi Antenna 8.2 dBd - VB-64DX



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Very good antenna
Review by Bob - K4TAX
Owned for about 2 years. I did upgrade the RG-58 supplied balun to RG-213 to handle higher power. This antenna on my tower at 50 ft AGL has survived everything weather-wise that has been thrown at it. I did stiffen each of the elements at the boom end to prevent vibration and oscillation in the wind. I used 18" lengths of wooden furniture dowel material. {3/8" dia as I recall} Starting at the boom end of each element, I inserted a marble size squirt of RTV, pushed in the dowel, and then another marble size squirt of RTV. I am very pleased with the performance and quality of this antenna.

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