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Thermaltronics TMT-TC-2 Lead-Free Tip Tinner - 20g

Thermaltronics TMT-TC-2 is a compressed tablet of pure tin and ammonia phosphate formulation in a metal container with a lid.  It has a self-adhesive pad on the underside to allow it to be affixed onto the surface of a workstation.  This provides fast, efficient cleaning and re-tinning of blackened and highly oxidized soldering tips both safely and efficiently.

Thermaltronics TMT-TC-2 Tip Tinners should be used when the soldering iron tip is unable to be retinned by using cored solder or normal electronic grade fluxes.  For best results roll or wipe the soldering tip at normal soldering temperature over the surface of the TMT-TC-2 for a few seconds to produce local melting. There is no need to use heavy pressure or a scrubbing action. Prolonged contact may form excessive fumes.  The residue on the tip is non-corrosive and may be removed by wiping the tip onto brass curls or a damp (not wet) sponge.

•             Lead free (RoHS Compliant)

•             Removes tip oxidation

•             No-Clean compatible formulation

•             Minimal residues

•             Rapidly re-tins badly oxidised soldering iron tips.

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