Lido Adjustable Cup Holder Mount for Uniden SDS100

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Lido Cup Holder Mount w/Height Adjustment for Uniden SDS100 and BCD436HP Scanner

In some cases the cup holder is the perfect place for your scanner. It is usually in arms reach. Our Lido LM-801 Cup holder mount has a base that can be expanded from 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" so it will fit in most cup holders. To expand the base just turn the adjusting know on top of the base. The neck is flexible so you can adjust the mount to get the perfect view of your scanner.

Since no two cars or drivers are the same, we offer a height adjustment. The mount height can be adjusted from 6" to 8" in height from the top of the expansion knob on the base.

Our mount will accept the belt clip or the button that the belt clip is attached to. Most customers do not want to take the belt clip off to get to the can use it either way with our mount. The belt clip can clip into the top groove, the button can be clipped into the face of the faceplate on the mount as shown in the photos.

Please note this offer is for the mount only, the scanner in this photo is not included in this offer.



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