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MFJ-1214 Multimode Computer Interface lets you use your computer and radio to receive, display and transmit brilliant full color news photos and incredible WeFAX weather maps with all 16 gray levels. It also receives and transmits RTTY, ASCII and CW ... comes with software, power supply and cables!16 Gray Level Weather Fax

Receive and transmit WeFAX weather maps and wire photos with all 16 gray levels. A timer function lets you begin automatic reception of weather maps at any time of your choice. They can be automatically saved to disk, printed out on your printer or both. Full Color FAX Photos

Transmit and receive brilliant full color FAX photos and exchange them with your buddies. MFJ-1214PC supports the display up to 32,000 colors depending on your computer graphics. Radioteletype (RTTY) MFJ-1214PC gives you all standard shifts and speeds. "Sync" and QRM features give you greatly improved copy under poor conditions. Superb on-screen tuning indicator makes it easy to lock in stations. A full fledged text editor lets you enter save and transmit text files. ASCII

Transmit and receive all 7 bit ASCII using the same features as in the RTTY mode. Gives you ARRL bulletins, other transmissions. CW

MFJ01214PC makes working W a breeze -- even if youre rusty. Automatic speed tracking locks onto received CW. Regeneration gives you a nice, clean tone with no QRM. Tuning is easy with Tune-by-ear feature that lets you smoothly tune in CW by matching received tone with regenerated tone.

CW keyboard mode lets you send CW effortlessly. Type ahead, adjustable sidetone, transmitter tune. Also, transmit message files conveniently stored on disk. Optional pre-wired cables Solve your wiring headache with MFJ Pre-wired MFJ to radio cables $15.95

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