MFJ-1778 G5RV Multi-Band Antenna

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Review by Anthony
The manual says it will operate on 80 meters with automatic tuner but it will not operate on 80 meters at all........... Shows different configs for it but still will not tune up on 80
Great first time hf antenna
Review by Ed
I bought the mfj-939 auto at the same time I purchased this antenna. I placed an air core balun, 25ft lmr400 around a 6in pvc pipe, between the ladder line and 75ft of lmr400 to the shack. I can tune all frequencies. I have minor problems tuning some 30m frequencies. Ft8 works great anywhere I find it. If I had a little more power I could talk with people in Hawaii and south America. So far I logged ft8 from Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Cuba and others. I can't complain.
Good starter antenna
Review by KK8BIT
Now I know that the G5RV gets bad press, but I'm just starting out and was looking for the best bang for the buck. Overall I think this is a decent way to start out. Definitely requires a tuner, but even with just the basic internal tuner on my rig (3:1 max), I was able to tune 40m, 20m, 12m, and 6m. WIth and external tuner, I am now able to use it on everything from 80m-6m. I don't use it for 160m because it requires a different grounding configuration for that band. I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for multiband with 160m. I primarily use it for 40m and 20m, which I think it works great for, even though my installation is less than ideal. It will be my primary antenna until I can upgrade.

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