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The BT1500A 1500 watt balanced antenna tuner is the only 1500 Watt, Double-L Network antenna tuner on the market today covering 20m to 160m (2500+/-j2500) and 10m - 15m (1000+/-j1000). The BT1500A features two tandem mounted, precision ceramic roller inductors for a truly balanced tuner.
A dual section capacitor provides the correct amount of capacitance for both low band and high band operation, and is relay-switchable between the input and output side to provide the maximum possible range of impedance matching.

So why buy a balanced tuner? Joel Hallas described the problem many antenna tuners experience in his September 2004 QST article on balanced tuners. He wrote, "unfortunately, the typical random sized center-fed antenna with random length ladder line feed has an impedance at the feed point that varies dramatically with frequency. The result can be heating and loss (and occasional damage) at the balun ... the classic solution has been the use of an inherently balanced tuner."

In his QST article Hallas reviewed the earlier model, the AT1500BAL, as a high-power solution for amateur operators looking for a balanced tuner. Since that review, the engineers at Palstar have taken the AT1500BAL and reengineered the entire tuner inside and out, reintroducing it as the BT1500A Balanced Antenna Tuner.
The BT1500A features two precision ceramic body roller inductors mounted in tandem. The massive dual-section capacitor can be switched (via a front panel controlled relay) from the input side to the output side of the tuning network to provide maximum flexibility in tuning range. Another front panel controlled relay switches the two sections of the capacitor for high and low band coverage.

As a final touch to the BT1500A, Palstar's engineers added the Peak and Peak Hold dual cross-needle metering found in our popular PM2000A wattmeter. The BT1500A is a highly specialized tuner, designed to do only one thing: tune balanced-line feed antennas and do it well. The BT1500A features 11 Ga. (.090" thick) iridite-treated aluminum metalwork and durable powder coated finish on the front panel and top cover, for a premium quality balanced antenna tuner.

  • Power rating 1500 watts pep
  • Relay switched Hi-Z/Low-Z impedance range
  • Relay switched Hi-C/Low-C variable capacitor
  • Total inductance of 44uH for greater impedance range on 160m

  • Matching range: 160m - 20m (2500+/-j2500)

    10m - 15m (1000+/-j1000)

  • Band coverage from 160m to 10m
  • Two silver plated ceramic body roller inductors crank handle driven
  • Low minimum dual capacitance variable capacitors @960pf/65pf/4.5Kv with vernier drive for smooth accurate tuning
  • Ferrite 1:1 input balun

  • Peak and Peak Hold dual cross-needle metering (1-2 sec hold) with backlighting (wall transformer NOT supplied)
  • Powdercoated front panel and top cover
  • Dimensions: 13" wide x 6" high x 16"deep
  • Weight: 17 lbs

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