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The ZM30 Revolution

The Palstar ZM30 antenna analyzer is one of the most useful items a ham can own for antenna work. The ability to know what SWR an antenna exhibits at each frequency, and to know if the reactance is capacitive or inductive is invaluable in solving antenna problems.

The ZM30 Antenna Analyzer was built to fill the need for a high-quality antenna analyzer that would feature solid construction and field-installable, firmware based software updates to facilitate performance improvements. Unlike some lesser antenna analyzers, the ZM30 automatically determines and displays the inductive or capacitive reactance (+/-jx).

The ZM30 is also an L/C meter, measuring the values of capacitors and inductors (within its reactance range of +/-600ΩZ).
The versatility of the ZM30 does not end there. It can also be used as a high resolution (as small as 10Hz steps) signal generator or VFO (2V p-p output).

When using the built-in Scan function and downloadable ( ZM Plot MS Excel® Macro software, the ZM30 can plot a Frequency versus Resistance and Reactance graph of your antenna’s performace on your PC screen.

-Blue backlit digital display, 16 x 2 LCD
-Precision tunable DDS signal generator, processor controlled in 10Hz steps
-Displays SWR & R+/-JX at frequencies from 1 MHz - 30 MHz in 10Hz Steps
-Battery operated (batteries not included) or wall adapter powered (included, US only)
-Serial port for field upgradeable software from web site
-Powdercoated front panel
-Dimensions: 3" wide x 4" high x 2"deep
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