Acrylic Enclosure for Raspberry Pi3 and DV MEGA

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Customer Reviews

Good case
Review by Chuck, N4UED
I just put mine together. No directions so it maybe a head scratcher . I looked up a photo of one assembled online and was able to get it together . I like it ok. I liked the black cases Gigaparts sold some time ago better. It was rock solid. I am going to buy another one of these. It stays together unlike the others you have drill holes for the antenna and tape them closed. I hope they make the black ones again.
Review by W5CAA
Con: doesn't come with instructions and i'm a butthead so yeah, it took me a little longer than it should have. it's a cool puzzle for some (me).

Pro: when you have everything just right - I have ABSOLUTELY NO worries about my dvmega and rpi getting broken.

First time ordering with Gigaparts - will order from them again. :)

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