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34 Foot Premium Telescoping Fiberglass Mast - TFA34-FG



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Customer Reviews

Good, but...
Review by Bob - WB0REW
Be aware of what you are getting with this mast. GigParts is awesome. The tripod is amazing and the mast quality is great. I would give it six stars for professional quality. But, if you are planning to use it for EmComm and think you are going to attach a Diamond X50a to it, yea not so much. Pay attention to the 22mm, 28mm, etc. Section 5 or maybe 4 could hold the VHF antenna, but 1,2 and 3 won't hold it. So, this is not a 34' mast for VHF. It will work to hold up a 20 or 40 meter wire antenna, but not VHF antenna. You can get 19 solid feet at section 5 and with a little kludging (which I didn't want to do) and PVC pipe get it maybe to 28' by replacing section 1 with 1/2 inch PVC and making a mount. Am I disappointed, yes, but only in that I had to put my hands on it to really understand it. KA4YZY's review sold me, but there wasn't much to go on. So, if you are EmComm and need to get a VHF antenna up 34', then buy the HD mast and tripod. The upper diameter and strength is sufficient to hold it. So, I made a $500 error, but I can get 25' safe feet out of it with a guy kit. It's a pain to think in millimeters, but do the math. I did, but got caught up in the 35lbs it will hold... not so much. For reference, the 50' HD is pretty much all the antennas in one. You just peal off the bottom or the top! Had there been more information, I would not have purchased this one. I would have waited until I had the additional money for the HD tripod and HD mast. I guess it's time to hit Lowes to figure out my kludge... it's what hams do.
Excellent. Get the guy kit.
Review by Mark
Solid product. Cam clamps work great.

Tip: If you don’t need all 34’, lower the second segment (from top) into the third as that third 28mm segment seems to contribute most to flex. You will have a pole that is the height you want and even more rigid. The guy kit is a must.

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