Samlex 13.8V 30A Switching PSU with Meters



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Very well made SMPS
Review by JOHN
gives a solid 30AMPS and can surge to 35AMPS if needed. 13.8vdc. inside there is 2 adjustments for amp and volts if you need to do that. runs my ft-dx10 and cat touch flawlessly. great smps.
Worked good until it failed
Review by Mike
I really liked this power supply except for the connection points. It was really old school to have bare wire terminals like how it comes. For me it was a quiet power supply and the meter was accurate and worked well. The problem is after the warranty ran out I started getting a loud electrical static noise coming from it under load. Now it's heating up without a load over 1a. I had to junk the unit before it caused any damage to my equipment. Will not buy again. It was used very lightly and spent most of its time sitting idle.
Customer Service is the best
Review by ckhanson
I misplaced the allen wrench and spare head screws. Emailed for part numbers to order replacements, and they replied: "no need - we are sending you the replacements". It is good to know that some businesses understand an issue and just take care of it. Maybe not a crisis here, but they took ownership. Makes me feel confident in their business model.
Rock Solid and Clean output but fan noise
Review by Ronald
I would really like to give this power supply a five star. The output is solid up to 20AMP (and probably beyond but my rig draws 20AMP max). There is no RF noise on receive or transmit. The only negative about this power supply is the fan. When it turns on, it is quite a bit louder than other equipment I use or have used.
Excellent power supply
Review by n1ya
I like this power supply a lot. It's small and quiet. I bought it for my new Yaesu ft-dx10 and it has worked out perfectly.
Very thorough and responsive
Review by Michael
Doug was quick to answer all my questions and make some great suggestions.
Love it
Review by WD8JM
I see alot of complaining about the power connector, personally I am not big fan of power poles so I actually like them and have had no issues at powers my hf rig and my 2/70 with no problems, not sure why they didnt do lighted meters but no big deal, cheap and quiet and keeps on going...would definitely buy another one if I need another
That's my opinion anyway
Great power supply but...
Review by James
The voltage meter was too far out of spec to be able to adjust for an accurate reading.
Only thing I didn't like was
Review by Michael
The attachment for the power cables but I defeated that by putting powerwerx terminals on the wire that attaches to the unit. Now all I do is hook up and go, its actually quicker than using the old open ended automotive connector. It pushes my 450D in the field with no problem and is very quiet. No spurious transmissions or RF problems that I can tell. Would buy again but different binding posts would be preferred.
Great Unit
Review by K1RET
I’m very happy with this purchase. I’ve waited this long to review this power supply because I was very green to the Ham hobby when I bought it. Now I can safely say it does the job well for my needs. I have this paired with a quad band radio and couldn’t be happy with the easy of use and quick set up!

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