Shark Antennas 2M/70CM Compact HT Antenna

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Shark Antennas' "Shark Tooth" 2M/70CM Compact HT Antenna

The latest in ham radio antennas from Shark Antennas and Accessories!

It is common knowledge that when amateur radio is concerned the bigger the antenna, the better.  But what about when you know that you are easily in range of your local repeater?  What about when you are using your DMR hotspot and you're simply walking the dog?  What about when you and your friends are using simplex on your snowmobiles?  

Sometimes you can use a smaller antenna and still make your contacts.  In fact, a LOT of the time you don't need the biggest antenna that money can buy.  Say Hi to the Shark SH-209SMA, a modest little antenna that when coupled with your HT will not get in the way, but will still get out your call.  No more stabbing you in the ribs when you wear your HT on your belt.  No more poking you in the eye as you are getting in and out of your truck.  No more HTs with an unseemly bent antenna.

Try out the Shark Tooth Compact Antenna from Shark Antennas, and Cut Through the Noise!


Product Specifications

  • Gain & Wave: 0dBi 1/4 wave
  • VSWR: 2.1 or less
  • Max Power: 5 watts
  • Length: 3"
  • Connector: SMA male


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