The Coding Workbook: Build a Website with HTML & CSS

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The Coding Workbook: Build a Website with HTML & CSS


This beginner-friendly introduction to web development enables anyone to build a website by writing out code by hand—no computer or internet required. It’s a fun, hands-on approach to coding that teaches the basics of using the HTML and CSS programming languages (the language of web pages). You write the code in the pages of your workbook and then draw what it would look like in a web browser.

TEACHERS: This has everything you need to teach an introductory web development class, and the pages are perforated!

STUDENTS: Learn the basics of HTML and CSS to build your own custom website!

Once you’ve finished the workbook you’ll have the skills to easily build and launch a website. It’s that easy!

This exercise-filled workbook is packed with illustrations and progress quizzes, making it perfect for at-home learning or schools lacking sufficient computer or internet access. It has everything you need to teach a coding class or learn basic web programming yourself.

Requirements: Pen or pencil and a desire to learn!

Ages 10+



Getting Started with HTML:

    • Creating an HTML File
    • Doctype HTML
    • HTML Tag
    • Head Tag
    • Meta Tag
    • Title Tag
    • Body Tag
    • Opening and Closing Tags
  • Elements
    • Main
    • Headings
    • Paragraphs
    • Figures and Images
    • Figure Captions
    • Links
  • Attributes
    • Classes
    • IDs
  • Nesting
  • Lists
    • Ordered Lists
    • Unordered Lists
  • Basic Web Page Review

Getting Started with CSS:

    • Creating a CSS File     
    • Linking the HTML File to a CSS File      
  • Identifying Elements and Attributes
    • Selecting and Styling an Element in CSS            
    • Using Element Selectors         
  • Web Pages Are Made Up of Pixels           
  • Defining Height and Width
  • Choosing Colors
  • Styling Background Colors
  • Styling Font Color
  • Styling Borders
  • Styling Font Size
  • Styling the Font Family
    • Serif
    • Sans Serif
  • Font Style
    • Normal
    • Oblique
  • Text Align
    • Left Align
    • Center
    • Right Align
  • The Box Model
    • Margins
    • Modifying the Margin For Each Individual Side
    • Padding
    • Adding Padding to Each Individual Side
  • Nested Element Positioning
  • Styling a Class
  • Styling an ID
  • Flexbox
    • Justify Content: Center
    • Justify Content: Left, Right, or Evenly Spaced

Try It On Your Own:

  • Writing an HTML File for a Colors Website
  • Writing a CSS File for the Colors Website
  • Writing an HTML File for an Animal Website
  • Writing a CSS File for the Animal Website
  • Writing the CSS Code, Exercise 1
  • Writing the CSS Code, Exercise 2
  • Writing Both the HTML and CSS Code
  • Drawing It Out: Sports Web Page
  • Designing and Building Your Own Websites
    • Website 1
    • Website 2
    • Website 3
    • Website 4

Answers to Quick Checks:

  • HTML Quick Check
  • CSS Quick Checks

Author: Sam Taylor

December 2020, 136 pp.

ISBN-13: 9781718500310

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