Times Microwave LMR-400 Cable Preparation Tool - CST-400

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Times Microwave Coax Preparation Tool for LMR-400

Times Microwave combination manual cable preparation tool is made for use with 3/8 inch LMR-400 coaxial cable using crimp and clamp-style connectors. This cable hand prep tool joins a cable stripper tool and a cable trimming tool into one easy-to-use device

Prepare LMR-400 coax cable in two simple steps. First, insert the cable into side one, twist, cut, and expose the center conductor. Second, flip the tool around and insert the cable into side two. Twist and turn to expose the coax braid. This cable preparation tool has a built-in deburr tool and works with nearly all LMR-400 connectors.

Manufacturer        Times Microwave Systems

Cable Size            3/8 in

Qty/ Uom              1 Each

Cable Type            LMR-400

Automated             No

RF Connectors   4.1/9.5 Mini-DIN Female, 4.1/9.5 Mini-DIN Male, BNC Female, BNC Male, F Female, F Male, FME Female, FME Male, MCX Female, MCX Male, MMCX Female, MMCX Male, N Female, N Male, QMA Female, QMA Male, RA BNC Female, RA BNC Male, RA MMCX Male, RA N Female, RA N Male, RA QMA Female, RA QMA Male, RA SMA Female, RA SMA Male, RA TNC Female, RA TNC Male, RP BNC Female, RP BNC Male, RP N Female, RP N Male, RP RA SMA Female, RP RA SMA Male, RP RA TNC Male, RP SMA Female, RP SMA Male, RP TNC Female, RP TNC Male, SMA Female, SMA Male, TNC Female, TNC Male

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