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The FT DX 5000MP HF/50 MHz 200 Watt Transceivers is a Premium Class of Yaesu radios with 2 Independent Receivers plus many unique options and accessories designed to meet the Performance Requirements of even the most demanding serious Amateur Radio operator.

FT DX 5000MP LTD Brief Description -

  • SM-5000 Station Monitor – Optional
  • 300 Hz Roofing Filter – Included
  • ±0.5ppm TXCO – Included

Rugged 200 Watt Output Power

  • The FTDX 5000MP robust and high-power Final Amplifier Stage incorporates two super reliable FET, VRF-150 (Drain-Source Voltage 170 V/Gate Source Voltage ±40 V, Total Device Dissipation 300 W) in a push-pull configuration, offers solid 200 W output (75 W Class A operation).

Internal Power Supply

  • The FT DX 5000MP has its own built-in power supply

TWO Totally Independent Receivers

  • All FT DX 5000 Transceivers include Two (2) Totally Independent Receivers to give you Performance and Flexibility previously only provided by much more expensive radios.

SUPERB 3rd-Order Dynamic Range & 3rd-Order Intercept Point (IP3)

  • SSB (2.4kHz BW) 
  • 10 kHz SEP.:106 dB, IP3 +40 dBm 

  • CW (500Hz BW) 
  • 10 kHz SEP:112 dB, IP3 +40 dBm 
  • 2 kHz SEP. :105 dB, IP3 +36 dBm 
  • 1 kHz SEP. : 99 dB, IP3 +25 dBm 
  • *VFO-A/Main Receiver @ 14 MHz, IPO1

Super Sharp “Roofing” Filters

  • Super sharp “Roofing” filters for VFO-A/Main Receiver. 
  • Filters are Selectable between *300 Hz, 600 Hz, 3 kHz (6-pole crystal filter), 6 kHz, 15 kHz (4-pole MCF) 
  • *300 Hz filter was optional for FTDX 5000 and FTDX 5000D. It is included in the FTDX 5000MP

High Performance Yaesu Custom-designed 32-bit Floating Point DSP

  • The legendary high performance Yaesu Custom-designed 32-bit Floating Point DSP based on the TI TMS320C6727B (@300 MHz), one EACH for VFO-A and VFO-B.

Variable CW Audio Peak Filter & High/Low-Cut Filtering

  • Variable CW Audio Peak Filter, and High/Low-Cut filtering created through the very latest in DSP technology. 
  • - CW Width: 50/100/150/200/250/300/350/400/450/500 Hz 
  • - CW Pitch Frequency: 300~1050 Hz (10 Hz Steps)

True Analog Meter Precision

  • Enjoy the same Huge Size Metering System as the FT DX 9000 series with True Analog Precision and Instant Reaction Time.

New Function Displays for Ease of Operation

  • Three Electro Luminescence clear Displays included for easier operation and control of the Sub-Frequency, Graphical Wave and Menu function.

IF Output Available

  • IF Output (9 MHz) from VFO-A/Main Receiver

Practical Level Indication System for Most Important Settings

  • The FTDX 5000MP provides loads of practical Level Indication that clearly show settings of Mic-Gain / RF Power / CW-Pitch / Keyer Speed / Processor Level / VOX Delay Time / Break-In Delay Time. 
  • -They can be controlled ON/OFF independently!

Introducing the SM-5000 Station Monitor Bandscope

  • If you need a good Bandscope to enhance your operations, you are going to love our all-new SM-5000 matching station monitor. Included with the Bandscope is a complete, enhanced stereo speaker system with superb audio quality - the speakers are point at you instead of up into the air above the radio!

Other Valuable Options

  • - Yaesu Data Management Unit DMU-2000, and utilize its powerful Audio Scope, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Scope, logging, and Rotator Control capabilities using your own personally selected and purchased computer display monitor. 
  • - Yaesu External Fully-Automatic Micro-Tuning Units. Three modes available: A (160 m Band), B (80 & 40 m Bands), C (30 & 20 m Bands)

Hand Microphone (MH-31B8)
AC Power Cord
FH-2 keypad
RCA Plug [2]
4 pin DIN plug
5 pin DIN plug
1/4 stereo, 3.5mm stereo, 3.5 mono plugs
300 Hz Roofing filter
.05% ppm TCXO
Operating Manual
Warranty Card

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