Yaesu FTM-6000R Dual Band Mobile Transceiver

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Yaesu FTM-6000R Dual Band FM Mobile Transceiver

This radio, similar to the FTM-300, has easy-to-use ETO face menus but also there is a large F1 button that will allow you to assign the most frequently used feature to that button.  In addition to that, there is a function list on the face menu that will allow you to assign several features to the F1 button.  3W front-facing speaker also for great audio quality.  The FTM-6000R will also come with the new DTMF SSM-85D hand microphone as well as a detachable face so that you don't have to mount the entire radio in your dashboard (although you still can if you want to).

Other features include:

Bluetooth operation for headsets: with SSM-BT10 or commercial Bluetooth* using Yaesu's BU4 Bluetooth unit

The PMG (Primary Memory Group) function allowing you to group up to five freqs and allow you to monitor them all in real-time

The Memory Auto Grouping allowing you to program your memory channels the way you want, instead  of grouping VHF with VHF, or UHF with UHF

VFO band skip, quick memory transfer to the VFO register

Wide range receive capabilities 108mHz - 999.999mHz (cellular blocked, etc)

1100 Memory channels

Mono-Display with large text.

*not guaranteed with all Bluetooth devices 

-50W Stable High-Power with Heavy Duty Heat Sink with FACC (Funnel Air-Convection Conductor) *Selectable 50W/25W/5W
- 3W of Powerful, Clear and Crisp Audio Speaker
- New User Operating Interface : E2O-III (Easy to Operate-III)

- PMG (Primary Memory Group) Function allows instant recall of the frequently used frequencies registered in the PMG
- MAG (Memory Auto Grouping) Function allows memory channels to be automatically categorized in all memory channels, AIR band, VHF band, UHF band and others and can be quickly recalled by band groups
- VFO Band Skip Function

-Memory Data Transfer to the VFO Register

- Wide-range receive coverage from 108MHz to 999.995MHz

- Wireless Operation Capability with the Bluetooth® Headset *Requires the installation of an optional Bluetooth Unit BU-4
- Detachable Front Panel to be mounted at the desirable operating position

- 1,100 Memory channels with character alphanumeric tags

- Supplied Multi-Functional DTMF Microphone - SSM-85D

Frequency Ranges:
                                       RX: 108 - 137MHz (Air Band)
                                              137 - 174MHz (144MHz HAM / VHF Band) 174 - 400MHz
                                              400 - 480MHz (430MHz HAM / UHF Band) 480 - 999.995MHz (USA Cellular Blocked)
                                       TX: 144 - 148MHz, 430 - 450MHz
Circuit Type:                        Double-Conversion Superheterodyne
Modulation Type:               F2D, F3E : Variable Reactance Modulation
RF Power Output:               50W/ 25W/ 5W
Case Size(W x H x D):         Radio Unit 5.47"x 1.66"x 5.2" (139 x 42 x 132 mm) w/o Fan Controller 5.51"x 1.6"x 1.38" (140 x 40.5 x 35 mm) w/o Knob
Weight:                                 2.43lbs (1.1kg) with Radio Unit, Controller, Control Cable

DTMF Microphone SSM-85D Mounting Bracket
Bracket for Control-head Control Cable 10ft (3m) USB Cable
DC Power Cable
Operating Manual

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