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2 Meter SSB Transceiver with mic

The MFJ-9402X comes with both the MFJ-9402 and the MFJ-290 microphone.

No CodeTechs and veterans join the SSB crowd! Enjoy crystal clear armchair QSOs. DX, ragchew or hunt down new grid squares from far away places from your home, car or mountain top. This little rig is great for home contesting or mobile.

MFJ's 2 Meter SSB Adventure Radio packs 7 powerful Watts with potent Constant Current syllabic speech processing that'll punch through pile-ups.
If a signal is there, you`ll hear it! A low noise front end and doubly-balanced mixer fight intermod, yet dig into band noise for weak signals. Sharp crystal filter fights contest QRM. Enjoy reduced passband noise with HF-style 2.3 kHz ladder filter.

Easy to Operate: No microprocessor mumbo-jumbo. Just turn on and tune in!

Potent Signal: 7 watts PEP -- plus Constant Current syllabic speech processing adds 4 to 6 dB advantage to punch through Pileups or climb above the noise.

TVI Protection: Built in 7 element low pass filter knocks down TVI -- lets you operate day or night, when you want to!

Real S-Meter: Aim your beam with pinpoint accuracy and give out signal reports that means something!

Agile Tuning: Analog VFO lets you scan for signals quickly, then zero in smoothly. Ideal for fast-paced hunt-and-pounce operation during contest and band openings.

Loud Audio: 3.5 inch top-mount speaker delivers robust audio, overcomes noise.

Phone Jack: ΒΌ inch jack for stereo headphones, cuts off speaker automatically.

Amplifier Friendly: Built-in FET switch keys solid-state or tube amps. Output signal is tailored for our popular multi-mode amps.

CW Operation: Operate 2 Meter CW with optional MFJ-416 CW adapter board.

Built-to-Last: Conservative design, premium PC board, quality surface mount components and rugged cabinet provides years of dependable service.

The MFJ-9402 is also available, but does not come with the MFJ-290 microphone.

Also available is the MFJ-9406X and the MFJ-9410X
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