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Customer Reviews

An excellent value
Review by Thomas
I was planning to build my own battery box and just before I started ordering parts, I found this one. Buying it was a no-brainer, since the cost of the parts, along with my time, didn't justify building one. I've used this several times now for POTA activations and am very happy with it. I highly recommend it for anyone lugging around an LiFePo battery for portable operations.
Great battery box!
Review by Jon
Let me start by saying, I could not build this box for the price at GigaParts. The price and the youtube reviews are what led me to the explorer box. I like the fact that is is user expandable and will accommodate different size batteries. I've read other reviews where people complain about securing the battery, or they want this connector or that connector...My response is, this is your box. Make changes to suit your needs. I cut the ring terminals and replaced them with power poles and I plan on adding a solar charge controller. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one and I highly recommend it.
Excellent for ham radio
Review by Mobile ham
This can power so many radios at once, and charge devices. Deserves five stars for sure. Great fit with Bioenno Power 12v40Ah battery ????
Nice, but...
Review by David
1) No Faston power connectors for smaller AH battery.
2) Would be nicer if there was a more secure way to tie down a battery to the bottom of the case. Foam
Great choice for Portable DC Power for POTA!
Review by Davey - KU9L
I had a lot of fun reviewing this Explorer Partable Battery Box and making a video while showing my Mods and uses for it!
Power switch does not turn everything off on the box
Review by Cecil
The Power on/off switch does not turn everything off, only the USB ports.

Talked to Cust Support and was told that is how it was designed.

Asked if there was a drain on the battery.
Yes, but did not know how much.

If you buy their battery it has a power off button on the battery.

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