P04Power 12V 12Ah LifeP04 Battery



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Pretty good battery
Review by Jason
I bought this when I got my FT-891, and it works really well. Powered the radio on an 8 hour drive to Indiana on a full charge and was about 15% when we got there. My radio has the MARS mod done, so we used the CB band in my son's truck, and on 4w AM, and we talked a lot on it, so for it to last that long, is pretty good. I have also used it on Parks On The Air activations and it has never went dead on me using 100w on ssbn which these were short activations, but after an hour, there was still roughly 75% left. I have never tried running it on FT8, but full duty cycle at around 20 watts, I would say it will probably last maybe an hour or two at best.

If you want a battery for a short activation, or something smaller for QRP operation, this battery is a good way to go. If you want something that will last you much of the day on ssb, I would recommend getting the 20ah or even the 50ah battery.
Very good batteries
Review by Tripod
I bought 3 of these at the Dayton Hamvention this year. Used them for field day with an Icom 7200 set at 25-45 watts. Ran my station for the entire operating period without recharging! The LED display is nice for checking the status of the battery. My only knock is the lack of documentation on what the functions of the 2 buttons on top do. One cycles the display between voltage, percent power remaining and off. The other doesn’t seem to do anything.
So far, I’m very happy with my purchase.

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