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Works well ,but!
Review by ZL1PO
Mounted high up in the clear atop a Hustler 22" mast behind the headboard on my Mitsubishi pickup utility. While tuning the antenna with a Yaesu FT857D feeding a Ameritron ALS-500M I get a 1:1 SWR and at the 10khz mark either side 1.5:1 SWR with 300 watts.
The RM80-S coil did heats up but this shouldn't be a concern on SSB.
However these antennas lack proper weather proofing. With in 2 weeks the antenna was showing high SWR.
Rain water had worked it's way under the white heatshrink sleeve covering the coil windings.
I would recommend new owners to apply a thin bead of silicon sealer where the white sheat shrink sleeve meets the top and bottom end caps.
In my case I cut off the white sheat shrink sleeve.
The antenna was then placed in a warm oven to dry out.
After applying 4 coats of CRC Urethane Clear Seal Coat #2049 to the resonator coil windings inclubing top and bottom end caps the antenna now works just as good as new if not better.

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