Icom ID-52A 5W VHF/UHF Dual Band Digital Handheld Transceiver with D-STAR



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Customer Reviews

Review by William
Absolutely love this ht. This is my first "real" ht, I have only used Baofengs and man is there a BIG difference. Beautiful construction and the screen is nice and bright even when outside. The controls are easy to use and responsive. The menu is easy to navigate and gives complete control over everything within the radio. There is a bit of a learning curve with getting the Dstar mode set up and running, but I have only had my tech license for about 5 months now so I am still learning a lot, but it probably would be much easier for a more experienced ham. Overall I love this radio and it does everything I want, I plan on keeping this radio for years to come. I would definitely recommend this radio to everyone. I ordered this radio on a Friday and Giga Parts had it in my mailbox on Monday! I was very surprised that it shipped so quickly. The packaging was great and was very secured by the folks at Giga Parts.
Great radio and very easy to use
Review by Raymond - AJ9K
I just got this today and it was significantly easier to start using than the Yaesu FT-5DR I had previously. The menus are mostly intuitive and I only had to glance at the menu a few times unlike some other radios where it feels like I have to memorize magic spells to be able to change settings.

The speaker is loud and clear, the squelch settings work great, and I'm told I sound great through the built in mic on my local repeater.

The only disappointing thing about the radio is that it doesn't offer analog APRS, but I knew that when I bought it.
Awesome HT
Review by Wayne - W7WGC
I received the ID-52A from Giga-Parts on Christmas Eve. Charged it up and programmed in two repeaters without even reading the directions. Worked great!

I have the Icom IC-7300, IC-9700, ID-4100, ID-5100 and of course the IC-705. The menu structures and other features are identical or at least very similar and has enabled me to easily use/program the radio. The same goes for the CS-52 software.

The sound from this radio's speaker is "big" and though it wasn't a "buying" point for me, it most certainly is a "keeping" point for the this fat, old, retired, and "almost deaf" guy! Nice job Icom!

I used this HT downtown parking lot in Yuma, AZ., to receive and record the International Space Station SSTV signal. Worked great with a very clear decoded image. And that was with the suplied 'rubber ducky' antenna. (Decoded using MMSSTV YONIQ, not the HT)

I look forward to using this HT a lot while hiking and POTA/SOTA activation's. I am also looking forward to using it for satellite work as well.

I really like the fact that the battery pack is identical to the IC-705, so I have a supply of spare batteries already.

The screen is nice and bright and clear.

I'd recommend it to buy, especially if you already have other Icom radios, as it is super simple to operate and learn.

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