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*** This item is listed as "refurb" only because we have replaced the batteries with brand new ones. These boxes have never been sold or used. ***

JuiceBox - A Complete Alt-Energy System in a WaterProof Ammo Can

The JuiceBox is our most economical complete solution. Portable, waterproof, and rugged. Versatile enough to regenerate itself from solar or house power.

The power to go...and go...

A powerful, rugged system that will generate, store, and deliver its own electricity - anywhere!

The JuiceBox is built into a U.S. Army ammo can. This makes an incredibly durable case that is completely waterproof when closed.

On a single charge, the JuiceBox can do any one of the following:

  • Charge a typical laptop six times 
  • Charge a Smart Phone 50 times 
  • Charge a Cell Phone 80 times 
  • Run an I-Pad® for nearly 100 hours 
  • Run a portable radio for weeks 
  • Run a GPS for 140 hours 
  • Run a desktop fan for 20 hours 
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