RFinder B1 HT Radio, Android DMR and FM

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The current generation of Rfinder's DMR HT is the RFinder B1+.

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RFinder B1 Dual-Band FM/DMR, Worldphone and DMR ROIP

NO Hotspots.

NO code plugs.

NO Repeater Directory.

NO Programming Software.

RFinder B1.  Keep it simple.

This is the device that you have been waiting for!

For initial set-up, please click here!  ALL UNITS require upgrading to the latest firmware prior to operation!   

And now RFinder is pleased to announce formal beta testing of its DMR over OP solution called DMROIP.  DMROIP will be generally available on the existing B1 and P2, as well as future units.  There will be a one-button click to switch from RF to IP.  The communication co-processor provides audio compression for an audio quality never experienced before on DMR.  Al units will be upgradeable to DMROIP via ROM and an application update.  Your purchase today will safely position you for the communication medium of the future.  This beta version can be found on the RFinder Facebook page here*Yes, this is the only place you can get it

The RFinder B1 is now available!  Imagine a dual-band DMR/FM handheld that NEVER needs a code plug! No programming, ever! Uses your GPS position to find the repeaters in your area, anywhere on Earth! These have been in use since early summer and what a blast...it just works... 

True 4 watts, a new more sensitive receiver in a completely redesigned RF module.

This is a full Android Cellphone/DMR Radio...carry one device, have the world at your fingertips.  A true thing of beauty. WiFi, NFC, GSM, LTE (yes, Verizon, TMobile and ATT and their MVNO's as well as CA, SA, EU, Oceana, and Asian carriers)...and of course 136-174/400-470MHZ DMR/FMW/FMN.

      • GigaParts does not provide end-user product support for RFinder:

If you need to renew your RFinder subscription* please visit http://subscribe.rfinder.net

*Please watch the video above, it may answer all your questions.  While the B1 does not require code plugs, ever, it does require some familiarity with Android software.

*subscription to the WorldWideRepeaterDirectory is managed through the app, downloadable through Google Playstore or Apple Store.  This software, once registered, works on any device!  So yes, this B1 HT, but also your tablet, your other phone, and your desktop PC!

 **Model shown with optional Side Panel Dust Cover, not included

 Support for the RFinder products is available via Support

RFinder Manual




Manual x1

Data cable x1

Desktop Quick Charger Cradle x1

Walkie talkie antenna x1

Screen protector and Cleaning Cloth x1

Battery x1, 2500mAh @ 7.4V (Standard)

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