RFinder B1 HT Radio, Android DMR and FM



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The current generation of Rfinder's DMR HT is the RFinder B1+.

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Customer Reviews

Bad Experance
Review by James
I lost big on this one. I got the radio and it did not work as a cell Phone or a radio. I worked with Rfinder to fix the problem, After many Updates the thing Still did not work. After Sending it back and paying a re stocking fee on the radio and all of the Accessories I feel pretty Burned. Others in My local Area had the Same Problems. I do not like to make negative reviews, but this thing is not ready for Public sale. caveat emptor the Idea of this Product Is great, But it does not deliver
21st Century HAM Radio has arrived
Review by Emmett
21st Century HAM Radio has arrived; The RFinder B1+ dual bander HT is a game-changer!

And like much in our lives today, it's a game-changer because of software and a database.

Remember how we looked up stuff in an encyclopedia and then came Wikipedia?

Same deal with the RFinder B1; this will change HAM radio for the better. Can hardly wait to see what follow-on products RFinder brings out next.

Benefits as I see them below, hope the thoughts are helpful.

Best to all KG6HDV

> > Database of HAM settings and touch screen makes it super easy to use; like "wow" easy.
Find the repeater on Google maps, then on the repeater list, touch it on the screen, the radio loads the repeater codes, and you're on the air!
Crazy simple. Super crazy simple.

> > Works on the FRS/GMRS frequencies.
Do a memory B1+ cloud backup and...the FRS/GMRS channels are already up in the cloud!
Do a click on the cloud backup webpage...and all the frequencies download to the B1; all organized up ready to go.
Just touch the channel you want, and you're on the air. Again, just crazy simple.

> > IP67 Waterproof (3m for 30 min) in a hardened drop-resistant case.
Why not (?!) it's a 21st Century radio...

> > 4 Watts of transmit power

> > Removable antenna so you can use bigger and better, and/or external antennas.
Excellent customer Service and quality of RFinder B1
Review by James
I just bought and setup the RFinder B1 DMR radio/cellphone and the RFinder Chili Peppa Hotspot, and they are FANTASTIC! I have been listening to shortwave for 50 years, and have been a Ham Radio Operator (now Extra) for 15 years, and I have bought many ham radios over the years, and this RFinder combination is the best amateur radio that I have ever had. I was confused with the setup as I am old and easily confused, so I sent a CHAT request to RFinder Customer Service, and Bob Greenberg, the President, Owner, and Inventor of the RFinder B1 Radio/Cellphone actually called me within an hour on the phone, on a Saturday (on his weekend off!), and he very kindly walked me through the steps to connect the B1 Radio/Cellphone to the RFinder Chili Peppa Hotspot perfectly. This radio is incredible! I highly recommend that you buy the RFinder R1 Radio/Cellphone and the RFinder Chili Peppa Hotspot for the best Amateur radio connections to people all over the world. It is great. The company is great. I cannot thank Bob Greenberg enough! James Hoffman, KD2DTJ
Coolest HT Radio Ever !!
Review by Gary
This is probably the best piece of Ham Radio gear that I have ever owned. Extremely easy to use and a absolute pleasure to operate with. Android smart phone and dual band FM/DMR HT with touch and talk programming of repeaters. Leaves all other HT radios in the dust bin. I love it ! 73'

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