Phase Dock WorkBench 1007 Starter Kit- 1007 - 10102-BM

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WorkBench™ 1007 Starter Project Development Kit

Less Frustration. More Innovation!

The WorkBench 1007 Starter Kit is a great tool to keep your electronics, robotics or single-board computer projects organized, and looking professional. Mount, manage, protect, and transport all your projects with ease!

It’s fun to build and program electronics projects and prototypes. If… you don’t have to waste time and energy managing, mounting, and organizing all those wires, boards, and other components. The WorkBench 1007 Starter Kit frees you from hassle and chaos, so you can make real progress.

No more electronics dripping off your desk, breaking, or getting lost. No more scrounging for plywood, cardboard, rubber bands, duct tape or hot glue. You bring the electronics. The WorkBench 1007 Starter Kit is everything else you need. Not only will your prototype or project look amazing and professional, but it will also be protected and easily transportable.

How does it work?

The WorkBench creates a standard interface for a wide range of electronics. You mount your electronics onto a Phase Dock Click™ connector. It takes a few minutes, but once completed, your board now has a standard mounting capability and better protection from damage. Simply snap the Click-mounted component into the matrix in the WorkBench Base, in any location or orientation. The component stays securely in place until you release it.

By establishing a standard interface between electronics and a benchtop foundation, the Phase Dock WorkBench accelerates your ability to arrange and organize components quickly. Assembled projects stay assembled—whether stored in a classroom or engineering lab, at home or even carried in a backpack.

***Pictured above with the Phase Dock Integrated Organizer Box, and Cover. These items are not included***

All Phase Dock products are proudly made in the USA! Check out all of our Phase Dock offerings HERE.

Innovate and Build Projects Faster and Easier! 

  • Test and evaluate more ideas in less time.
  • Accelerate project completion.
  • Focus on the interesting and enjoyable tasks.

Protect Your Hard Work!

Uncovered, loose components on a desktop are asking for trouble. Using the WorkBench’s robust mounting system with its Base, Storage Box, and Cover will help:

  • Keep everything together so you stop losing things.
  • Protect from “curious” people and critters.
  • Keep gravity from working against you.
  • Grab the convenient handle.
  • Stuff your project into a backpack for class.
  • Throw it into the car without fear.
  • Mount virtually any single-board computer, microcontroller, sensor, or actuator.
  • Keeps your workspace (or the kitchen table) orderly and neat.
  • Projects can be packed, stacked, or hung on a wall. 
  • Holes on legs enable more permanent mount, if desired
  • Make your projects look polished and professional.

User's Guide: Click HERE for instructions and information. Contents include:

  • Phase Dock 1007 WorkBench Starter Project Development Kit
  • Attach Click™ Connectors to the WorkBench Base
  • Electronics Mounting Guidelines
  • Click/Slide Assembly
  • Care and Cleaning of the WorkBench Base and Cover

1007 Base in Matte Black acrylic

14” x 8” x 1” overall (approx.) , thickness of the 1007 Base is 1/8"

54 sq. in. work surface

10"x7" primary matrix; 9"x6" secondary matrix

2x3 Click

Mounting platform: 2.53” x 3.35” (64.3mm x 85.4mm)

1x3 Click

Mounting platform: 1.56” x 3.35” (40mm x 85.4mm)

Arduino UNO Slide

Mount Arduino UNO, MEGA, Nucleo-64 pin or boards with same configuration.

Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 Slide

Mount Raspberry Pi 2, 3 or 4 or any board with the same configuration.

Feather/Particle Slide

Mount AdaFruit Feather 32u4 Basic, or Particle Argon, Boron or Xenon, or any board with the same configuration. Also accepts the Adafruit FeatherWing Kit.

  • 1007 Base in Matte Black x 1
  • 2"x3" Click  x 4
  • 1"x3" Click x 1
  • Arduino UNO Slide x 1
  • Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 Slide  x 1
  • Feather/Particle Slide  x 1
  • Hardware Packet  x 1

             Hardware Packet includes everything you need to assemble the Click/Slides, plus hardware for cable management, tower electronics, and mounting a wide range of electronics:

    • M2.5 hex nuts x 13
    • M3.0 hex nuts x 13
    • M2.5 x 20 machine screw x 1
    • M2.5 x 6 machine screws x 13
    • M2.5 nylon male/female standoffs x 4
    • 3/8” nylon tubular standoffs x 8 
    • #2 x 5/8” self-tapping screws x 9
    • 8-32 x 7/16 machine screws x 2
    • 8-32 nyloc nuts x 2
    • cable tie saddle mounts x 2
    • small zipties x 2


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