Icom IC-2730A 50W VHF/UHF Dual-Band Mobile Transceiver with Bluetooth

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Customer Reviews

Internal speaker quit working after four days
Review by Eric
The radio arrived and worked perfectly for the first four days. I really like it. However, four days in the internal speaker quit working; no sound at all. Plugging in an external speaker works fine. I just happened to be in Kirkland, Wa so I dropped it off at the ICOM headquarters and service center. The people there were very friendly. So, hopefully they will fix it / replace it and send it back to me. A bit of a disappointment but hopefully it will turn out okay.
Pile on the money
Review by Timothy
Well I received my new Icom IC-2730A today and what a disappointment. It seems that everything is extra with this radio, I'm surprised it came with a Mic and a power cord. I want to use it as a base since my Alinco bit the dust. I was looking at the TYT TH-9800 on Amazon and thought I should buy a reputable name brand like Icom. I am disappointed to say the least. There is no mount to attach the head to the radio, that is an option?????? The external speaker jack isn't even marked, I can see that the programing cable is an option but come on Icom, you're not giving these radios away. They're not free and if you are not including things that make the radio functional, highlight it in the description.
Missing much needed accessories
Review by Robert
Pros: Easy to program, works as advertised Overall a fine duel band radio.
Cons: Controller attachment to the main Unit with optional MBA-4 not included.
Mobile mount bracket not included.

For my needs I had to buy another $80+ dollars of accessories.
Great dual vfo analog radio
Review by K4BTR
This was my first true dual vfo radio. I enjoy the radio. I would recommend this radio to any new, or old ham that is looking for a great value without digital mode.
Great overall Radio, Easily programed with RTSystem
Review by Ricky
Needed a dual band radio with a detachable control head with the option of a mic jack on the control head for my Cadillac Escalade. IC-2730A was easily mounted tucked away in the bottom console with out any extra drilling of holes with only the control head visible mounted on the console with velcro. So many mounting options and possibilities with this radio. Easy manual programming as well as with the RTSYSTEMS programing software and cable.
Great radio for car or the shack.
Review by Don
Nice radio all around. I would only recommend that you use CHIRP for setting up the radio for everything, makes it so much easier.
Great Dual Band Analog Radio
Review by John
The IC-2730A is a nice addition to my shack. The built in duplexer allows for the simultaneous monitoring of VHF and UHF using a single dual band antenna. The RT systems software made it easy to program all the frequencies I need. Living in Florida, I needed access to my local 2 meter repeater as well as the Florida statewide network on 440MHz. This will allow me to monitor locally and statewide during hurricane season with a single radio and a single antenna. Very happly with the IC-2730A.
Looking good
Review by Gym
I have been an Icom fam for many years. This radio only inforces my dedication to the product line. The radio was easy to install in my truck. It works as discribed and has great sound. All in all, it's a great radio. One draw back was the Control head did not come with mounting hardware.

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