Yaesu FT-70DR 5W C4FM/144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Handheld Transceiver



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Great radio and a battery "hack"
Review by Lyn
This radio offers a lot in a good size package and a lot of options for the price point. Adding the digital option allows me to use the WiresX repeater also. As for the battery; these and many other radios when turned off still have minimal battery drain. The "hack" to make the battery last is to remove it when the radio isn't in use for extended periods of time.
One of the best
Review by BIG fan!
Great radio! Receiver far better than equivalent radios. Good clear sound. Have not had the battery issue - mine goes almost 2 days before recharge. Maybe some were bad and Yaesu should fix that. Also found aftermarket with actual 2500mAh, and a 3D printed one with replaceable rechargeable batteries. There are car plug in versions, and I sometimes use it while plugged in with no battery. Very versatile that way. Got it working with Chirp form programing and really enjoying this radio. The antenna is pretty good, but a signalstick made it even better.
Terrible battery
Review by Dan
This HT has great features, but the battery is awful. Is drains very quickly when not in use. Now after a year or two the battery won't charge at all, and reaching out to Yaesu has yet to yield any results.
I really like it
Review by Kevin
This is a easy to hand program radio. I did buy the RT programming software also. Great on wires X and easy to connect
great radio
Review by Rodney
have 4 other handheld radios this is the easiest to hand program
Audio issues
Review by Bob
Great little radio however, it has one bothersome issue. The reports on the audio are not complementary. Everybody says the audio level is low to terrible. Another ham just got one of these and he's getting the same reports. After studying it, I found if the battery voltage is 8.0 or above, the audio is good. Below 8.0 but above 7.5V, the audio is about half of full audio. Below 7.5 volts, the audio quality is terrible. This radio would be a solid 5 stars if it were not for this issue.
Review by Barry
Direct interface isn't terrible. Radio is OK. The battery slowly drains itself when the radio is turned off. The computer interface is beyond disgusting.
Review by KN1B
I purchased a FT-3D as my C4FM radio. I'm older and don't have the sharp hearing and eye sight I used to have. The FT-3D audio was very hard for me to hear and took all I had to operate it out in the sun. I opted to add the FT-70 to my collection. Best move I've made. If you're into satellites, the FT-3D is probably your better choice, but for day to day use on C4FM, the FT-70 is great. Audio is sufficient and radio is easy to use, especially if you're a Yaesu HT user. Great radio.
Review by Kevin
Got the radio yesterday and was able to program easily. It is a goldilocks HT at this price point. Do yourself a favor and buy the SBH-28 Rapid Charger. If you don't have to have flashy color displays and a touchscreen, this is a great choice.
High quallity
Review by Cesar
this is a very economic radio, the features on it makes a very good first digital fusion radio, overall excellent radio and fast shipping ;), only downside is the lack of a cradle

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