Icom IC-705 10W HF/50/144/440 MHz Multi-Mode Portable Transceiver

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Customer Reviews

Shack in the Box
Review by Earl
Truly a complete "shack in the box". The panadapter sensitivity is spot on, quick and decent resolution.
Outdoors with just a loop antenna is the most fun I have had in ham radio.
Would buy again and again...
Review by Chef B
I have always been a QRO kinda guy, until I purchased this radio. I am extremely active with Parks on the Air, after not being able to mount the IC7300 in the truck I turned to the 705. The ability to mount this radio in the truck with a seat bolt mount is beyond AMAZING. The functions of the radio are completely STELLLER. The WLAN and Bluetooth are anything short of "magical".

To date, I have achieved seven kilo awards with POTA, THREE of them with this radio.

For any one that thinks that QRP won't get the job done, feel free to look me up on QRZ and I will be happy to show you what I have accomplished with this radio ....from not being tethered to the radio with cords and interface cables to the DX that I have worked to the simple amount of QSO's I have garnered....

de W4CHF
Review by Greg
I have been a ham since a teen in the early 90s, I have enjoyed radios from Vacuum tube surplus rigs to solid state wonders. The latest generation of radios gives new and old hams a phenominal set of tools... the IC-705 is not short of of those tools.

I ordered the IC-705 with expectations of taking it with me on the camper and boat for weekends. I needed a rig that was compact, could be potentially self-powered, and can utilize a 12vdc source. This radio carries like an HT, has features like a full base station, and includes everything from DV to CW. This would make a phenominal second rig for any ham with the understanding that max power is 10w. I have already worked multiple countries and states on the HF bands and utilized repeaters and some weak signal work on VHF/UHF bands. With a proper antenna for the bands you plan to work this radio packs a punch, sips power, and sits far above any other radios in it's class for portable operation. The biggest arguement I have seen when doing my research was the price of the radio. Considering the features in this rig I think the price is a great bargin.
hi performance little rig
Review by roy
take anywhere all band all mode high performance, ICOM winner

Practically perfect
Review by Julian OH8STN
I've been using the Icom IC-705 since November 2020. All mode, all band, dancing, coffee making portable radio made for the pragmatic field radio operator. Primarily using data modes like JS8Call, Winlink, ALE, ... having the audio interface already built into the radio, removes the issue of cable mess as we have on basically every other QRP+ radio out today. The IC-705 goes even further by giving us wireless headphones, wireless microphone and wireless data is we choose to use them.
Today I operate the IC-705 with the Microsoft Surface Go 2, the Icom IC-705 the PowerFilm Lightsaver Max and an antenna. It is a very straightforward setup for any data mode operation away from home.

Not having to buy filters was a huge part of the decision. Other rigs hide the "add filters" part making the radio cost a couple of hundred bucks more than planned for. The IC-705 has a beautiful receiver, with fully customizable filters and DSP. I can hear things with my 705 the FT-818 can't hear.
Another thing is the display. My eyes just don't work like they used to. Because of it, the 818 sits on the shelf most of the time. The 705 display is an absolute pleasure to look at, making every QSO an memorable experience.
I can keep going but there really is no point. The 705 is the most innovative, most pragmatic, best laid out QRP plus rig available today.
Julian oh8stn
Nearly Perfect Little Powerhouse
Review by Tony
After almost two decades in the Signal Corps I'm used to operating on 20W or less. Maybe I'm missing out on some ragchews and awesome DX, but QRP (plus or minus a few watts here and there) is all I've ever known. This rig replaces my Xiegu G90 as the primary rig in my portable station go bag, AND my favorite HT, the Kenwood TH-D74A.

The receiver and filtering is leaps and bounds better, the digital mode cable mess is gone, and I can operate my station at full capacity while remaining under 5A of total draw which is huge for me (my station is modeled similarly to Julian OH8STN's).

The 10 Watts I lose from the Xiegu makes me focus on resonant antennas, which honestly performs better than the 20W and incredible tuner on the G90. The pounds I save due to less complexity and hefty power distribution are priceless. I do have a tuner on order, but have operated fine without it so far on a Chameleon MPAS 2.0 with a ton of radials and capacity hat, or in long wire configuration.

Added bonus is the remote operation capabilities. I'm not tethered to the rig.

ICOM did an outstanding job making this rig a reality. Gigaparts got it to me blazing fast. I'm beyond elated.

73, de W0NTC
Great radio
Review by Mike
Bought the IC-705 back in October to primarily get on HF for QRP work on HF. I bought an MFJ 1982MP End Fed half wave 80-10m antenna to use with this radio. Made several contacts on HF just running 5w. Signal reports ranging from 2x2 to 5x9, depending on the band conditions. Even made a contact in Canada and another in Cuba Not too long ago.

Lately, been using it on D-STAR and 2m SSB and FM simplex with a couple of near by Hams. Been getting good audio reports both on D-STAR and simplex.

Yes, it's limited on power, but the point of this radio is to get outdoors, pick a band to work and have fun. Yes, it's expensive, but it's the only QRP radio that I know of that can work 160m to 70cm, in any mode, along with D-STAR. Can't wait for next spring, summer and fall to get here. I'd like to take it on top of a mountain with a vertical HF antenna and see what I can do on 5 to 10w.

73, W4ISB

Great looking low power rig.
Review by WILLIAM
No intent to purchase. Like to know approximate cost when approved by FCC.

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