Messi & Paoloni make the finest coax cable and connectors in the world and are the equipment of choice for most major DX-Peditions. 

Each product is individually tested with the certificate included in the box.  When performance and longivity are important, Messi & Paoloni is the best choice!

POTA-Flex 7

High Visibility Jacket

Top Screening Efficiency

Light and flexible

Airborne 5


Incredible Lightness

Direct Burial

Airborne 10


192 Wire Braid

Direct Burial

UltraFlex 7

Extremely Flexible

Perfect For Portable Use

Incredibly Light

UltraFlex 10

100% Copper

Better Than RG213

Excellent Attenuation

UltraFlex 13

Our Best Cable

Lowest Signal Loss

Withstands Tight Bends

HyperFlex 5

Designed For Tight Bends

Best For Portable Use

Extremely Flexible

HyperFlex 10

Excellent Performance

Best Attenuation

Best Velocity Ratio

HyperFlex 13

37 Wire Conductor

Excellent Performance

Best Flex Cable


Compression Design 

Supresses Noise