Yaesu FTM-500DR 50W C4FM/VHF/UHF Dual Band FM Digital Mobile Transceiver with AESS



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Customer Reviews

Great radio, but has flaws.
Review by Andy
Absolutely terrific radio. Basic controls are fairly easy to learn and overall good. APRS by itself is great, APRS texting is absolute nightmare, controls are very wonky.
Great rig
Review by KE4WML
great rig. easy to use and program. one thing though, the screen is considerably smaller than the ftm-400. still, great radio overall. hope the final section is more robust than the 400. i dont want to send another radio back to Cypress.
Decent Mobile Flagship
Review by Vince K3OCT
The Yaesu FTM-500D is a decent successor to their discontinued former flagship FTM-400XD, though not without flaws. It feels like the FT5D’s big brother. Its 2.4” screen is about the same size and equally bright. The OS is updated and brings a few new welcome features like Primary Memory Groups (PMG) and a more tightly integrated band scope. The large dial knob is a welcome feature while driving. It’s easy to find in the dark. This digital radio has all of the features one expects of a flagship: C4FM, AMS, APRS, GM. The easy to access Customized Function List (CFL) is nice to have considering how many settings there are. The rotatable head is a really nice touch. Last and certainly not least, Yaesu has finally made a radio that is actually a breeze to install firmware updates into! Kudos!!
Unfortunately, there are some knits to pick. The screen may be bright, but it’s just too darn small for a flagship mobile radio that will almost certainly not be mounted close to your eyes. It’s especially disappointing after being used to the larger screen of its predecessor, the FTM-400XD. The optional Voice Guide Unit is almost a requirement! The Super DX feature (S-DX) is an utter failure. Yes, it does increase the radio’s sensitivity but it also increases the background noise level by the same amount as proven by both the band scope and your ears. Had the feature included a rudimentary (even a non-adjustable) noise reduction circuit it would have been a wonderful addition, worthy of a flagship. Finally, the labeling for the four small knobs is unlit, making them harder to find in the dark. Considering these issues, I wonder if the Yaesu design team even uses their products in the field before release.
Nice radio!
Review by John
Got the radio for a good price at Gigaparts, and got it shipped quickly. Thanks! I've only had the radio for a few days, but have really enjoyed it. Took it mobile and it was great. Programming the radio for repeaters without software and a cable was headache, though. I will definitely be adding those soon. The color screen is crisp and visibility is very nice, even in direct sunlight. The customizable command buttons on the microphone are excellent and make using it mobile much easier. Audio was quite good on the transmit and receive sides. The front-facing speaker on the remote head works very well. I also very much like having the capability of attaching the mic to the remote head in addition to the radio body, as desired. I would have liked to have had a longer separation cable with the radio in addition to the 6" one it comes with. I purchased a 10' cable separately.

The menu is a bit cumbersome, and the touch screen is a bit difficult at times, but is still much easier to work through (although I have fat fingers that make touching letters a challenge. A stylus is a very useful add for your kit if you purchase one. After messing with the menus for a while, they came much easier and were pretty straightforward. I really like the customizable quick function access option that allows you to get to a subset of functions quickly without going into the menus.

The GPS works well, and setting up APRS was quite straightforward. I haven't tried running it with data yet. Overall, I'm very happy with the radio and look forward to many happy radio hours ahead working through its many options and capabilities. I would definitely recommend it for those with the resources to purchase it (I won't be buying any more radios for a while...).
Great Amateur Radio
Review by Barry
This radio has a lot of great features, good clean receive and transmit, great audio, neat new design, easy to read screen, easy to program, etc. The only issue I have with it is the wimpy microphone and cord. The mic for the wouxun kg1000 is a better built heavier thicker cord mic than Yaesu 500. And I wish Yaesu would make a larger screen display.

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