Explorer QRZ-1 5W VHF/UHF Handheld Transceiver



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Customer Reviews

This radio is perfect to get started.
Review by New Ham
I am very happy with the radio. It can access repeaters from inside of my sedan from up to 8 miles out. I did learn a valuable lesson about Gigaparts return policy due to the DOA accessory that I ordered with the radio. I won't expand on that because if I do, I'm sure this review won't get posted. I hope all new hams enjoy this radio as much as I have so far.
Perfect and I get 10 miles to repeater w 40 in antenna
Review by KC3YFZ
I became born on jan 9, 2024. Part of learning is comparing 2 hand held and the QRZ-1 w/ Jumpstart was perfect. compared to my bfng GT5 better in 1 more Watt and a better stock antenna based on SWR, and Signal quality testing. With a 40 inch folding antenna 2 M get 10 miles to repeater. Add a 5/8 wave 2M mag mount and get more distance. I can use chirp and RT Systems. The users manual was well written. my cost was 34$ for the jumpstart. Thank you for the program. BE nice to have the program funded for all new USA Hams.
A Very Nice Piece of Gear
Review by Charles
The process to register and qualify as a newly licensed amateur radio operator and therefore to be able to purchase a QRZ-1 was easy and fast. I subsequently purchased some additional equipment, and that process was also effortless involving the availability of what I wanted as well as shipping. My inquiry of what adapter cable to buy was answered quickly, so I could order the additional equipment without delay.
Good Starter Radio
Review by Steven
As a new licensed Ham, I took advantage of the free QRZ-1. I like it. Very basic and to the point radio. The only thing I find as a problem would be that people tell me that my voice comes out too soft. Even with the plug in external mic. I tested my modulation using a radio scanner on a simplex frequency to hear my own voice. Yes, it does sound too soft. Need to speak loudly and directly into the mic. But it does have decent audio on the receiving side.
Fantastic HT. Great for First Timers
Review by Jeremy
This is an incredible radio, I purchased one as a part of the new HAM program. This is durable, easy to use and sounds great. THANK YOU Gigaparts for this awesome program.
Fantastic HT For Beginners Like Me!
Review by Nick
Back in June I got my tech and general ticket in the same session, to say I was excited is an understatement! Unfortunately I'm currently a college student with a student sized budget, as such I was happy to wait my time to get a radio and get on the air. That's when I saw an ad on QRZ showing this HT and mentioning a "new ham discount" . For 30 bucks after tax and shipping I couldn't even contemplate a Baofeng anymore.

So far everything seems to be well within order, I can hit repeaters that are a good distance from me and have received 59's when keying up (to be fair, and for the sake of transparency, I may or may not have been on one of the university building roofs at the time). The included guidebook is very well laid out and super easy to understand from a new ham perspective. To say the RT software is slick would be a gross simplification, I absolutely love the excel style layout and the ease of communication between my laptop and radio.

One quick note on Gigaparts, when I ordered this new ham bundle the programming cable was unfortunately out of stock which delayed my shipping, no big deal, there isn't much you can do about an item being out of stock. About 3 weeks later when the item returned, Gigaparts had it shipped out the next day and upgraded my shipping, at no additional cost, to second day UPS. Oh, not to mention they gave very detailed and helpful updates while I waited for the programming cable to return. Above and beyond seems to encapsulate the whole experience, major kudos to Gigaparts!
Thank You!
Review by Big John
I got this radio as part of the promotional campaign that Gigaparts and QRZ made available for those recently licensed. All of my more experienced mentors put this little radio through the paces and it performed to their expectation and beyond. I appreciate all that Gigaparts and QRZ has done and look forward to working with both in the future. KJ5BGJ 73
Perfect 1st Radio!
Review by Bruce
Just got my license a month ago (2/23) which was too late for the free deal, but at just $30 ($50 with mic and 12v adapter and cable) nobody can complain. It took a few days to learn the menu, and the included guide was helpful. I get good reports with the included antenna and speaker sound quality is fine. The unit feels solid and well made.

I was confused when my entire order was delayed because the software was backordered. And I got an e-mail saying it was "complete" even though it had not shipped yet! I offered feedback to customer service (who were very friendly and helpful).

So, overall I give it two thumbs up, especially for a new ham!

I do have a few feedback comments:

- Why won't it work while it's charging? I don't get this and it's annoying that I can't set it upright in the charger while listening or using the plug in microphone!
- The blue keypad text is really hard to read, even with the backlight on.
- An indented or lockable volume control would be nice...it's too easy to bump the control and accidently change the volume
- As many have said, the scan function should be accessible in less than 14 clicks....

Good radio for a beginner
Review by Raphael
I'm a total beginner. It's to bad I missed the free program by a few days but still bought it to get started with a HT radio. I had bought a Baofeng BF-F8HP and later, a cable to program it using chirp but could never get it to work and program my radio. After getting this one I was able to program it and used the online video to guide me through the programming process. It's not easy if no one is around to help and passing the tests sure help but aren't enough. There are things I like about both programs. I had to get the com port to work first and used Driver Booster to get the driver to work. When done that basically was enough to learn how to get chirp setup in my other radio. Do Not ever try to load the wrong settings from the wrong model on a radio or you might turn it into useless brick and have to find the original firmware to fix it.
Scanning on this radio is a real pain because to access it, it is a pain to figure out and the easy to understand manual isn't so completely clear or complete. You have to enter Menu, then arrow up to 13 to set the scan mode, then enter MENU again for it to get programmed into the radio. Then enter Menu again and arrow up to 14 until you see scan. Then enter Menu again and it starts to scan.
There are some drawbacks in my side to side scan mode comparison. With the Baofeng you enter the button marked scan and hold until it starts scanning. That's it. I had bought a fold over antenna for my Baofeng to get better range. I noticed that when I had scanned to an active repeater net, to WINSYSTEM (W7TWA repeater system) which got programmed into both radios, that my Baofeng received the signals first for every tranmission and wasn't clipped on the beginning. It's good to be able to buy cheap usable antennas to improve your range.
I looked over the accessories and was given few options for upgrades compared to Baofeng. The replacement battery you can get for the QRZ-1with the USB C charger if you could charge it up in a pinch with a small solar charger but it's hours are wanting at 2000 mAh compared to 3800 mAh you can get for a Baofeng without a USB port. Some people are never happy.
Still, without the Quick start program to get started I would still be clueless and have no radio, so I'm grateful that door was opened for me.
I'm still getting started and have programmed in146.52 for universal simplex on both so I have a couple of walkie talkies. I'm sure there's more. If only it was waterproof. Who am I kidding?

Starter radio for new licensee
Review by Jason
Thanks for a special deal on this lovely little starter radio. I just passed my Tech and General; with a Diamond SRH77CA I am able to hit our local repeater loud and clear from my front room. Echoing a previous review, it's so nice to have a clearly written manual for the beginner. If if you're an experienced license holder, this sturdy radio might be good for a go bag or in the car. Easy programming with the RTSystems software and USB adapter (not included).

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