Yaesu FTM-400XDR



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This product has been discontinued. Consider the Yaesu FTM-500DR.

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Customer Reviews

Great, clear radio
Review by KO4ZGX
I’ve only just started in Ham radio, but I wanted to get what I wanted so I wouldn’t regret getting a lower capability radio. I am very impressed with this, super clear receive, strong audio and feature packed. It’s not super easy to use, but if you are somewhat tech savvy you’ll learn it pretty quick. Having the full 108-999 mhz receive is a nice addition for the aviation nut and for full police/fire scanner ability
Great Radio
Review by James
I have one in Each Car and one in the House. C4FM is great. With the Wires X Software you can set up your own Node (Simplex repeater) The Built in APRS modem is a bunch of fun This last revision of the FTM 400 allows you to do much more than the early 400. System Fusion is so easy not like DMR I recommend that you try one.
Review by MATTHEW
Sent in to Yaesu twice. Power amp is shot. High power get about 15 watts. Bad mosfets? Not sure. Wont buy another one. If you're thinking about this radio. Think twice.
Just ordered a second one from gigaparts!
Review by Alex
I love this radio so much I just ordered a second one for a home base station! It seems this is common with other reviewers to buy multiples of these that should tell you something!
Great radio
Review by Noel
I bought 1 and loved it, preformed above beyond what I was expecting .. So I got another one for the car, i only wish I could Bluetooth it to my car radio system to hear it better .. but this is one fine radio so far !!
Great Dual Band Radio!
Review by Charles
I have two 400XDRs and a third will be on the way soon. I have no complaints, but it would be nice to have memory banks to aid in selective scanning.

I know some folks want the mic to attach to the control head, but that would be a problem with many installations. It would be fine to have a mic connector on both the main unit and the control head, but not on the control head alone.
Review by Ed
Love the Wire-X and C4fm, super crisp. Don't make a big deal about the microphone extension, I got one and its really just fine. I would not want another cord hanging off the control head, what a pain that would be.
One of the Best, if not the Best VHF/UHF/Digital Mobile Radio on the market!
Review by Bigjohn
I have been Very Impressed by Gigaparts selection and prices and I’ll do business with them again. And I’ve bought My first Radio from Gigaparts a Yaesu FTM-400XDR for only $400 at the end of July. And thanks to Ham Radio Concepts on YouTube for relaying buyers to Gigaparts.
Awesome Radio
Review by KJ3LR
Been a Ham for almost 30 years and must say that the FTM 400 is the best and most fun to use dual-band mobile rig that I have ever owned.
nice reviews on radio
Review by Paul
i plan on buying one have it on the wish list. At the price i'll be buying in a couple days before the end of sale.

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