Yaesu FT-DX10 100W HF/50MHz Compact SDR Transceiver



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Customer Reviews

The FT-DX10 is a lot of radio for the money
Review by JOHN
I had a 7300 for a few years and my buddy got a FT-DX10 and I tried it out about 5 different times and I had to have one. Sold my 7300 to another friend and purchased the Yaesu FT-DX10. I got use to the 3DSS and it's all I use now. It's like a advancement to the old regular water fall we been using. and wow it amazing how the DX10 separates 2 signals close to each other & the DNR. the radio is so quite compared to to my old Icom 7300 and other radios. The DX10 has so much to offer. so happy with my purchase. can't wait to add a "cat touch" display to it. look it up. The FT-DX10 is so much radio for the $. Thank you GigaParts & thank you for packing it with such care, mine arrived in perfect shape, the double boxing and airbags kept my radio safe and undamaged on delivery .
Amazing HF Rig
Review by JOHN
The Yaesu FT-DX10 is a lot of radio for the $1,500.00. Got it a few weeks ago with the MFG.$100.00 off. With this Radio you have a amazing front end that cleans up the signal before handing it off to the SDR. No chance of Front end overload as with the IC-7300 (IC-7300 is 7 or 8 year old technology) now. This is the way to make a proper SDR radio. I had a IC-7300 I sold to cover part of the cost of this new FT-DX10 . It's incredible how 2 signals can be right by each other and with the FT-DX10 I can lock on to the one signal and the other signal next to us I can separate like its not there. My Ic-7300 could get close to this but could not achieve the same results. it notch filter is not as good. The Ft-DX10 is a excellent mid lever HF transceiver. the best new technology entry level is the Yaesu FT-710. if you don't mind 7 or 8 year old technology the IC-7300 is decent.
Excellent Value!
Review by William
I have all the premium radios, the numbers are so close you will never notice the difference. My wife and sister in law are both new HF hams. They noticed the diffierence between the 7300 and the DX 10. Do not get me wrong, the 7300 is a good radio and easier to teach for a new ham (I know) The 890 also does not have dual receivers. For a newer ham, the DX 10 is perfect. I also have the FTDX 101 at my other QTH. Bill KG2CS
Best HF Radio I Ever Owned
Review by Gil
During my 45 years as a licensed amateur radio operator, I have owned several HF rigs including Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood and Xiegu.
I just bought a new Yaesu FT-DX10 after much research. WOW and UNBELEVABLE is all I can say. The receiver is superb and the overall radio is a "work of art". Smooth and easy to operate. I love it!
I also need to say that GigaParts is an excellent dealer. Knowledgeable and helpful Chat representatives and excellent customer service.
Gil, K3GIL
Price Point
Review by DavidD.
I can understand some of the remarks about there being "better" but I guess "better" comes at a much higher price point. Example, the TS-890 comes in around $4,300 while the FTdx10 comes in at $1,400. If you have the bucks go for it I say!!!
It IS better than the IC-7300
Review by Bob - AB5N
I did not expect to be this impressed. The FTdx-10 has a far better receiver than the 7300. It also has PSK-31 and CW decoders. The lack of scope averaging (as of now) is not that big of a deal. The screen is so much better than the 7300 in many other ways. Having an external monitor connector is also another leg up on the 7300. It also has a lot more I/O on the rear. If you can afford the few extra hundred bucks, it is the way to go.
Great rig and value
Review by Lanny, K1LEC
I had Icom hf rigs for 43 years, but recently retired and have become much more active. I had the opportunity to borrow an FTdx10 for three weeks in July and was wicked impressed with the receiver and its ability to clean up a signal. It works right out of the box, but I used N4HNH videos to fine tune equalizer settings, i.e. It has a built-in sound card, so you don't need a SignaLink. It decodes CW, but I didn't play with that feature. I bought my own and the M70 mike this fall and highly recommend both. This radio is an incredible value at the current price point.
This tranceiver is awesome and so are the helpful staff at Gigaparts!
Review by KT4RAM
I decided to get the Yaesu FTdx10 after hearing and reading the great reviews including many operators on the air. The receiver capabilities of this rig is great. I have the Yaesu FT-991A also but the DX10 is now my main rig. The external monitor connection is easy. Just be sure to have a DVI cable as there is no HDMI Port. The only complaint that I have thus far is the lack of backlighting on the buttons. My FT-991A has them, the FTdx10 does not. It's not a deal breaker but would come in handy in a dimly lit shack. I like minimal lighting in my shack at night. I have it paired with a Heil PR-781 Microphone an ALS-600 Amp with an Ameritron ARI-500 Aito Band Switching interface. You will need the Ameritron RJ-10MY Cable for that auto band switch. Thank you Gigaparts for the best Christmas/ New Year price on this beautifully engineered tranceiver. I love it!
Outstanding Receiver
Review by Dale, K8TS
Have found the receiver in this unit to be outstanding, with a good visual on the noise floor and plenty of options to reduce the noise level. Walks away from other radios at this price point. Really love being able to "see" the very weak signals. Worked well in contest conditions. Band selection and mode selection, were hard to get used to, but overall, I'd buy it again.
Really impressive radio!
Review by n1ya
This is a beautiful radio with great performance, deep features, and a very well-thought-out user interface that makes it fun to operate.

I want to thank Zach at Gigaparts for his great advice in selecting this radio. He helped me find exactly what I was looking for.

This is the first rig upgrade I've had in about 20 years and it's amazing to see what it does with receiver sensitivity, noise reduction, band visualization, and general usability.

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